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NOTICE: myNYP is changing its proxy access to better meet the requirements of both State and Federal law.

As of May 15th 2017, when a patient reaches age 12, their myNYP account shall be deactivated, along with all proxy access to the account. This change will also disconnect all existing adolescents (age 12 to 17, inclusive) and any proxies associated with those accounts.

What do I need to do?

  • Minor children between the ages of 12 and 17 (inclusive) will be eligible to participate in myNYP on their own. Children in this age range will have the same access as adult eligibility. They can contact support or speak to their NYP provider to request an invitation to myNYP.
  • Guardians of the patients may only be granted proxy access to the patient’s myNYP account via the completion of the Proxy Access Consent Form. This requires the patient’s signature, the proxy’s signature, and the signature of a physician or advanced practitioner. The fully-signed document may be left with the signing physician or advanced practitioner’s front desk staff.

Patients with myNYP accounts may still use the Health Record Sharing feature to share their health information directly with other individuals.